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In its first year, Muskaan has given a second chance to over 100 beneficiaries by supporting their cleft lip and palate surgery, bringing natural smiles to their faces. This section showcases the transformational journeys of these beneficiaries and how this surgery changed their lives and that of their families…

Shubojit’s irresistible smile

Kalpana and Parimal were looking forward to the birth of their second child. When the doctors told them that they had been blessed with a boy, they were thrilled! But, when they saw Shubojit, they were stunned.

With a monthly income of meagre Rs.5000, they barely managed to make ends meet. The thought of treatment for their son was far-fetched and they gave up hope. But fate had other plans. During their visit to a health clinic, they heard about ‘Muskaan’ at Siliguri. They took Shubojit to Anandloke Hospital and were elated to learn that he would get a safe, quality surgery, free of cost.

Today, Shubojit’s irresistible smile has made him a favourite in the neighbourhood. Kalpana and Parimal look forward to a bright future for their child.

Anushree gets a blemish less smile

Birth of a baby girl is a subdued occasion in many Indian homes, but the birth of a baby girl with a defect, that too on her face is a horror! When Sankar Sarkar’s wife gave birth to a girl with a cleft lip, it became a topic of much discussion in their village, Jalpaiguri. The couple put up a straight face and got used to the taunts and professed sympathy of neighbours as they were unaware that this could be corrected. They began to accept and anticipate a difficult life for their daughter.

Sankar saw an advertisement of project ‘Muskaan’ at Anandloke Hospital, Siliguri and decided to take the four hour journey. He was relieved to learn that Anushree could not only be treated but, her surgery and other expenses would be free of cost. Today, Anushree has a blemish less smile and is well accepted in her village. Sankar is grateful that Anushree looks normal like other children and he wants to give her a good education. Thank you ‘Muskaan by Himalaya’!

Madiha’s smile is the apple of her mother’s eye

When Ayesha Khatoon gave birth to Madiha, she and her husband Jameel were shocked to see their daughter. Her mother-in-law refused to hold Madiha and cursed Ayesha for giving birth to such a baby. Even the neighbours would taunt her. Ayesha was devastated and couldn’t sleep at night. She would cry all the time and worried about her daughter’s future.

Jameel is a tailor and although they knew that a surgery could correct Madiha’s cleft, they couldn’t afford the surgery. But things were about to change. One of their relatives told them about project ‘Muskaan’ at Bhagwan Mahavir Jain Hospital, Bangalore, where Madiha’s cleft could be corrected, free of cost. Ayesha and Jameel took Madiha to the hospital. Once they met the doctors and other cleft patients, they were relieved and reassured that they had come to the right place. Madiha underwent the surgery and her life transformed in just 45 minutes.

Today, Madiha is her grandmother’s darling and is always found on her lap. A simple surgery helped Madiha get the love of her grandmother. Ayesha wants Madiha to become a ‘cleft doctor’ when she grows up and help many more children. Thank you ‘Muskaan by Himalaya’!

Let’s carve a ‘Muskaan’ on every face that needs it and deserves it.

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