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When Arnab was born with a cleft lip, his parents were shocked and felt very bad when they saw his face. They had been very excited about the birth of their first child. Relatives and neighbours only made things worse as everyone had their own explanation on why this had happened to their child. However, help was at hand as the father saw the advertisements of the free treatment in the local newspaper. They travelled four hours from Gonda district to Lucknow. Arnab was provided a safe and free surgery at the hospital and the parents were deeply satisfied with the care and treatment. Today, Arnab looks cute and his parents have no words to express their gratitude. They feel that their child has an opportunity to lead a full and productive life.


A milkman from Chinhat, Lucknow, Jagvande Yadav would feel very bad when people in his village would say mean words to his son, Kartik. Six year old Kartik was born with a cleft lip. His classmates would tease him and Kartik would come home crying. When his parents learnt about the free cleft treatment at Lucknow, they were delighted and wasted no time in taking him to Vivekananda hospital Today, Jagvande is very happy that Kartik look like other children and is well accepted in society. He and his wife Savita look forward to a bright future for their son.


When Tithi was born, her father, Tapan Burman, went into double shock as while trying to come to terms with Tithi’s cleft, her mother too passed away due to post-partum complications. Now, Tithi’s new smile is the source of Tapan’s solace!


Roshni Pradhan had already lost two children due to pregnancy complications, so when Rhythm was born with a cleft lip, Roshni was shattered and kept crying for one whole month. She learnt about the treatment through the internet but was scared of the surgery as she had already lost two children. When she met the doctor, she put her trust in her and today after Rhythm’s successful surgery, she is very happy. Everyone loves Rhythm’s naughty smiles!


Yogeshwar was born to a poor family of daily wage labourers, the parents had no clue what can be done and how much the treatment would cost. His paternal grandparents were forcing his parents to abandon the baby. Fortunately, the parents heard about free treatment and came to the cleft clinic in Bangalore with a lot of questions and doubts in their minds. They were surprised to see many more children with clefts. They also saw some kids with treated clefts and to some extent felt a little relaxed and reassured that their son would be okay.
Today, after his lip surgery, the smiling satisfied faces of his parents are the most rewarding!